Croquetas...the epic fight with all of my cousins

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

My grandma's croquetas have always been part of family gatherings, this delicious crispy mashed potatoes have been cherished by everyone making it really hard to stop at one.

Getting the recipe from my grandma was equally challenging yet it gave me one of the best memories.

Croquetas de papa

Growing up in Argentina meant that Sundays were made to be spent with family. We would have asados (barbecue) in the summertime and pasta in the winter. I specially remember the gatherings at my Grandma's house, she was always a fantastic host and cooked more food that we could possibly handle.

The croquetas were everyone's favorite. What exactly are croquetas? think mashed potatoes seasoned with garlic and fresh parsley cooled down to then be rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. What? I didn't say they were healthy...

She used to set up a "grown ups" table and a "kids table", and she would protect the croquetas until it was time to have the main course since she knew they would be gone within a matter of minutes. Me and my cousins used to count how many were there and, when possible, equally divide them among us so no one would have more than the other.

When I moved to the US, not being able to have croquetas was devastating, I needed to have her recipe so I could share them with my family. I remember when I first asked my mom to get the recipe my grandma would just tell her "make mashed potatoes, coat them and fry them!" ok... that wouldn't work.

Next time I got to visit I made it my quest to not go back without that recipe. I went to her house and suggested for us to make them together. And I was so glad I did! Every step of the way I would have to go "how much of that did you just add?" and the answer would ALWAYS be "a pinch, a little bit, you can tell as you mix it if you need a bit more of this or that" and so on.

We finally made them and they were even better than I remembered and for the very first time after years of having them, I got to actually make them with my grandma which is a memory I will forever hold close to my heart.

From that moment on I have learnt to appreciate the chance you get to cook with people, and not just have everything ready and perfect by the time company arrives, since sometimes getting the chance to share the process is richer than the meal itself.
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